Check out how to give your body a chance for complete, natural and deep regeneration.

Air Lock

The Airlock is designed to move customers from normal atmosphere into the pressurized atmosphere of the Hyperbaric Cabin.

This process takes about 6 minutes and is catered to the needs of each individual or group that is entering the Cabin.

Advanced Controls

Precise Controls and sensors manage the exact mixture of atmosphere and pressure inside the Cabin.

Safety controls and sensor automation ensures that customer safety is priority in the Hyperbaric procedure.

Main Cabin

The main cabin is always under pressure with a complete mix of atmosphere.

This area is a quiet relaxing environment where customers can enjoy an Oxygen Therapy Session without interruption.

Washroom Facilities

All of our Hyperbaric Cabins are designed with Washrooms so that our clients can manage 2 hour sessions in comfort.

There is no need to leave the cabin or depressurize until the session is completed.

VIP Section

We have designed VIP sections for 2 or 4 people.

Our customers can have private meetings, rest and relaxation or just additional privacy at their leisure.

We can design these VIP sections to be configured in any way our customers request.

Natural Atmosphere

Natural Atmosphere is a mix of gasses with Oxygen being only about 21% of what we breathe. Inert gasses such as Nitrogen provide very little positive impact on our bodies, however gasses such as Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide provide increased benefits in our body.

Our Hyperbaric Cabin.

We have designed a Luxurious Hyperbaric Cabin where we control the pressure and the atmosphere we breathe.

The best way to understand how this works is to know what is in the air we breathe.

Pressure and Gasses

The pressure of our Hyperbaric Cabin is 1.5 of Earth's Atmosphere. The experience is similar to pressurizing when flying or scuba diving.

The mix of gasses that we generate in the Cabin is as follows:

How it is beneficial?

Research conducted by many scientists confirms that such a blend of gasses is most similar to conditions optimal for human health. Why?

- Pressure increased to a level of approx. 1500 hPa accelerates the regenerative process of human organs and tissue, as well as facilitating human tissue in the absorption of an increased amount of oxygen.

- Due to the increased amount of carbon dioxide, oxygen separates from haemoglobin in the capillaries more easily and reaches the organs and tissue where it is most necessary.

- Hydrogen, however, is one of the most effective antioxidants, aiding the body in neutralizing harmful free radicals.

The Bohr Effect

The Bohr Effect is the science behind increasing our intake of Carbon Dioxide to promote Red Blood cells to release more Oxygen directly to the tissues.

Even when our Lungs can absorb 99% Oxygen into the blood stream, Carbon Dioxide and the lowering of the PH in our body is required to release more Oxygen directly to the tissues.

Hydrogen - The best Antioxidant.

Introducing Hydrogen into the body allows it to bond with Free Radicals and be expelled as H20.

Scientific research proves that Hydrogen is currently the best Antioxidant that we know of for our body.

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